Hayley Publishing presents: A Stones Throw Away

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"The men who maintain the Dupe go to great lengths to ensure they keep enough of every molecule suspended in that cloud to duplicate more than just food."

Brian was prone to wait on what others said and did before he was comfortable participating. He'd rather observe than contribute.  Yes he had friends, like Danny and Pete, but he really was more of a loner.

Growing up at One-O-Seven was difficult for someone like Brian, he did not like being fenced in.  Against all odds, Brian makes the discovery of a lifetime.  A discovery even the inventor of the Dupe, Dr. Stan Swanson never figured out, but that wasn't enough for Brian.  He had to test it.  He had to Dupe himself.  Much to his shock, it worked.  Now he's in a race with himself to save mankind.

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"It was a good story, and quite unique. I really enjoyed it." -Sharon P.

"Great ending to a wonderful book! I would love an autographed copy! Thanks so much for this enjoyable read!" -Ginger C.

"Addicting." -Darren I.

"I am so glad I got to read it as it was being born. I have enjoyed your story and loved the many twist and turns you have presented in the reading." -Donna H.

"Great story sir. I want an autographed copy of this excellent adventure. So.. when's the movie coming out? LOL" -Dale C.

"The story is very engaging, dream inspiring, emotional and all around enjoyable. I would love an autographed copy. You could make this a very successful series, it already has a place in our favorite book shelves." -Cindy L.

From the Author: 

I’d love to write the sequel, but that seems counter productive if only a few individuals ever find out this exist and get a chance to read it. So, to find out how much interest there is in convincing me to write a sequel, join this Group: astonesthrowaway.gather.com then lend this book to a friend. Once returned, lend it again. It’s too large of a task for any one person so it’s up to each of you to make this book water cooler conversation creating interest in others to read and join the group. That’s what it will take to convince me to write the sequel—a whole lot of interest. And when that happens, the group can be used to notify you of its completion.


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